Ultrafast Lasers, Nonlinear Optics, Coherent Spectroscopy, Semiconductor Nanostructures, Biophotonics

Funded Research Projects


EPSRC Leadership Fellowship Grant Award titled “Shedding new light on cells with coherent multiphoton nanscopy"

EPSRC Research Grant Award “Probing the mechanical control of stem cell fate through the development of novel, non-invasive imaging technologies

BBSRC Follow-on Fund Grant Award titled “Differential CARS for Commercial Multiphoton Microscopes in the Life Science

BBSRC Research Grant Award titled “Multiphoton microscopy of lipid-protein dynamics in living cells using correlative Coherent Antistokes Raman Scattering and Two-Photon Fluorescence

EPSRC Research Grant Award “Spin currents and superfluidity of microcavity polaritons

EPSRC Research Grant Award “InP/AIGainP Quantum dot lasers for 650-780nm emission

DTI Technology Programme Grant (with GE Healthcare Cardiff) titled “Nanotether Biochemistry


Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow Francesco Masia project title “Study of coherent non-linear optical response of nanoparticles and application to multiphoton imaging in cell biology

Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow Jacek Kasprzak project title “Coherent Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Manipulation of Excitonic Q-bits

BBSRC Research Grant Award titled ”Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman multiplex microscopy for non-invasive imaging of living cells

Dstl-Ministry of Defence Contract for the research project: “Development of prototype biosensor based on whispering-gallery technology

MRC Discipline Hopping Award titled “High sensitivity biophotonic detection method for in-vitro and in-vivo applications

EPSRC Research Grant Award titled “Novel Multi-photon Microscopy for Imaging in Cell Biology based on Resonant Nonlinear Optics of Quantum Dots

EPSRC Research Grant Award titled “Coherent optical manipulation and spectroscopy of single quantum dots for quantum computing"

BBSRC Research Grant Award titled “Design of a novel photonic biosensor based on whispering-gallery modes of dielectric microspheres for high-throughput immunoassays

Other Research Interests

Ultrafast Dynamics in Quantum Dot Amplifiers, Dephasing Processes in Quantum Dots, Polariton Dynamics in Microcavities

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