Group Members

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Prof Wolfgang Langbein
Room N1.19
Tel: 70172

Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy

Prof Paola Borri
BIOSI2 Room E/3.21
Tel: 79356
Paola Borri
Professor in the School of Biosciences
Dr Peter Watson
BIOSI2 Room E/3.22
Tel: 79042
Peter Watson
Lecturer in the School of Biosciences
Dr Richard Lewis
BIOSI2 Room E/3.20
Tel: 74124

Temporary Lecturer in the School of Biosciences teaching on the MSc Biophotonics
Dr Francesco Masia
Room N/-1.08
Tel: 70611
Francesco Masia
Research Associate on the EPSRC funded project

Controlled long-range coherent coupling of solid-state qubits
Dr George Zorinyants
Room WX/1.10
Tel: 74857
Research Associate in the School of Biosciences

Shedding new light on cells with coherent multiphoton nanoscopy
Dr Iestyn Pope
BIOSI2 Room E/3.12
Tel: 79703
Iestyn Pope
Research Associate on EPSRC funded Project

Nonlinear plasmonic biosensing and functional imaging
Dr Sergey Lobanov
PHYSX Room N/0.05
Tel: 76992
Sergey Lobanov
Research Associate on EPSRC funded Project

Resonant-state expansion for photonic and electromagnetic modelling, design and optimisation
MPhys Tariq Salahuddin
Room N/-1.08
Tel: 70611
Postgraduate (MPhil) Student

Carrier dynamics in QD optical amplifiers & saturable absorbers
MPhys Ali Naeem
Room N/-1.08
Tel: 70611

Ali Naeem
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Optical and Scanning probe imaging and manipulation of single colloidal quantum dots: Correlation between fluorescence and local environment

MSc Craig McPhee
Room E/3.12
Tel: 74268
Craig McPhee Photo
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Shedding new light on cell membranes with coherent multiphoton nanoscopy

BSc Kez Cleal
Tel: 79703

Postgraduate (PhD) Student 

Unravelling metallic nanoparticle endocytosis and endosomal escape using four-wave mixing microscopy

MPhys Lukas Payne
Tel:  74268
Lukas Payne Photo
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Coherent multiphoton nanoscopy
BSc Arnica Karuna
Tel:  70611
Arnica Karuna
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Coherent Antistokes Raman Scattering microscopy for label-free imaging: From technology development to cell biology applications
MEng Robin Islam
Tel: 70611
Robin Islam
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Optical biosensors based on imaging of whispering-gallery modes in microsphere resonators
MBio Josephine Bradley
Tel: 79073
Josephine Bradley
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Label-free multiphoton microscopy of lipids in oocytes, eggs and early embryos
MPhys Attilio Zilli
Tel: 74124
Attilio Zilli
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Phase-sensitive four-wave mixing heterodyne interferometry for fundamental studies of metallic nanoparticles
MPhys Naya Giannakopoulou
Tel: 74124
Naya Giannakopoulou
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Four-wave-mixing heterdyne interferometry of nanoparticle endocytic routes in cells
MPhys Yisu Wang
Tel: 74124
Yisu Wang
Postgraduate (PhD) Student

Novel plasmonic nanoparticles for applications in quantitative biosensing and bioimaging