Former Group Members

Claudia DiNapoli Ali Naeem Was a postgraduate (PhD) student on a Presidents Scholarship on the prject

Label-free multiphoton microscopy of intracellular lipids using CARS

Finished 06/2014, moved to Italy to Industry
MPhys Joanna Zajac Joanna Zajac Picture Was a postgraduate (PhD) Student on the EPSRC funded project
Spin currents and superfluidity of microcavity polaritons
Finished 06/2012, moved to the School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Dr Richard Perrins
Was a research Associate on DTI funded project
Nanotether Biochemistry
Dr Elisabetta Canetta Elisabetta Canetta Portrait Was a lecturer in the School of Biosciences teaching on the MSc Biophotonics
Moved 09/2014 to St Mary’s University College, Twickenham

Dr Bei Li

Bei Li
Was a Research Associate on BBSRC funded Project

Differential CARS for Commercial Multiphoton Microscopes in the Life Science

moved 03/2012 to Brunel University, to the project working in the “3D-VIVANT” EU project
MPhil Richard Everson
Richard Everson Photo
Was a Postgraduate Student together with the Nanophysics Group

Scanning probe microscopy & spectroscopy

Obtained his Mphil in 2012 and is now a Science teacher
MPhil Nicolo Accanto

Nicolo Accanto
Was a Postgraduate Erasmus Trainee

Dephasing in CdSe colloidal quantum dots

10/2011 Started a PhD at ICFO  Barcelona
Dr Julie Lutti

Was a Research Associate on EPSRC funded Platform Grant

Moved 04/2011 to Florida, USA
Dr Valentina Cesari

Was a Research Associate on EPSRC funded Project

InP/AIGainP Quantum dot lasers for 650-780nm emission

Finished 07/2010
BSc Michael Garhard

Michael Garhard
Was a Postgraduate (MSc Biophotonics) Student


Finished in 10/2010
Dr Jacek Kasprzak

Jacek Kasprzak
Was a Marie Curie Fellow on the project
Coherent ultrafast spectroscopy of single excitonic states

Moved 02/2010 to France, Grenoble, Institut Neel
Dr Amal Kasry

Photo Amal Kasry
Was a Research Associate on DTI funded project
Nanotether Biochemistry

Moved 09/2009 to the Egypt IBM Nanotechnology research Center (EGNC)

Dr Israel Rocha-Mendoza

Was working on
Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman multiplex microscopy for non-invasive imaging of living cells
Moved to Mexico 06/2009, to the Departamento de Óptica, CICESE
Dr Laura Chantada

Laura Chantada
Was working as Research Associate on the BBSRC funded project
Design a novel photonic biosensor based on whispering-gallery modes of directric microspheres for high-throughput immunoassays

Moved 01/04/08 to the Soft Condensed Matter Physics Group at the University Friburg, Switzerland
Dr Ye Sun Ye Sun Photo
Was working as Research Associate on the MRC funded project
High sensitivity biophotonic detection method for in-vitro and in-vivo applications

Moved 01/02/2008 to the Inorganic Chemistry Group at the University of Aarhus, Denmark
Dr Brian Patton

Was working as Research Associate on the EPSRC funded project
Coherent optical manipulation and spectroscopy of single quantum dots for quantum computing

Moved 05/01/07 to the University of Oxford, Department of Materials, working in the
Quantum Information Processing Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (QIPIRC)