Unguided example of widefield particle extinction image development and analysis using Extinction Suite v4.1.0+

This example dataset provides two possible analysis paths, and accordingly two zipped folders, (1) containing the raw experimentally acquired data, and (2) the developed extinction images from (1). The sample used in the experiment contained nominally spherical 30nm and 50nm diameter gold nanospheres in oil. Weak dielectric debris might be present in very small amounts.
  1. Use RawData.zip in order to test knowledge of both (a) extinction image development and (b) particle analysis in extinction images.
  2. Use Data.zip in order to test knowledge of only (b) particle analysis in extinction images.
Unzip (1) or (2) as needed.
The data was taken in the synchronously triggered stage-camera format using a single recording over all polariser angles, but separate recordings for each color channel. Hence, there are three saved signal files, and three saved background (dark sensor) files, one of each per channel. The shifted reference method was chosen for this experiment. The recording settings are

1. Run ExtinctionSuite v4.1.0+

2. Mode selection

3. Choose modules to run

3. Perform analysis

Created by Lukas Payne, 24/01/2021, edited 27/01/2021 WL.