Example of automated re-analysis for widefield particle extinction using Extinction Suite v4.1.5 or higher

The data in this example analysis was taken by David Regan in the synchronously triggered stage-camera format using single recording over all color channels and using the shifted reference method. The recording settings are 128 images per signal position and 128 per reference position with 24 repetitions, yielding \(128\times2\times24=12288\) total brightfield images per color channel.

1. Preparation for automated analysis

2. Adjust parameters in Radial/Processing/Parameters.txt

Run ExtinctionSuite v4.0.2+

2. Mode Selection

3. Module Selection

4. Choose Base Folder

5. Analysis

This completes the automated re-analysis tutorial. Please examine the content of "Radial/Results" and note that all the same particles will have been measured in both datasets, and that the identifiers in both instances are the same. This allows direct comparison of the two sets of results.

Created by Lukas Payne, 18/09/2021, edited WL 19/09/2021.